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BMW CCA club members only...  Use promo code provided by the club to get 15% off.


This tire cradle is designed only for the BMW CCA to use on classic BMW.  Distributing the weight of the car over a large and even surface, preventing the flat spot during long stops.


is a polyurethane cushion that prevents the flat spot of tires during long stop parking. Its strengths are the quality guaranteed by the Made in Italy and its elegant and simple design.The sizes of the tyre saver are specially designed to fit a wide range of tires of vintage cars.




Color: Black
  • EASYRISE V is a cushion that prevents flat spot of the car tires during long stops. Its shape, result of careful design, and the special polyurethane foam with which it is produced allow the car to rest on a clearly larger surface avoiding the flattening of the tires which, after a long time, could lead to damage.

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