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... is a tire cradle designed for sports cars and hyper cars that distributes the weight of the car over a large and even surface, preventing the flat spot during long stops.  A product designed for the automotive sector that ranges from private garages to the most luxurious showrooms. EASYRISE cushions are also excellent insulators to protect the tyres from thermal shocks with the floor, have a very high breaking strength and can be fixed to the floor using the gelpads positioned under each cushion. Kuberth produces high-end products with a patented design recommended for car dealers and collectors. 




Maximum tire width – 380 mm
Maximum recommended diameter – 750 mm
Maximum recommended weight – 2700kg


Color: Black
  • EASYRISE S is a cushion that prevents flat spot of the car tires during long stops. Its shape, result of careful design, and the special polyurethane foam with which it is produced allow the car to rest on a clearly larger surface avoiding the flattening of the tires which, after a long time, could lead to damage.

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